Dr. Philip Bruder | Soho Hair MD


For many patients seeking help for hair loss, the process is deeply psychological and emotional. You may be wondering what the problem is and why this is happening to you. While everyone is different, you are not alone. Hair loss is much more common than you may be aware.

Hair loss can be complicated and a medically-based evaluation from a hair loss medical expert can be extremely helpful in treating your condition.

Each patient is different and, therefore, each patient’s evaluation and treatment is specific to them. I strive to create a compassionate space, providing an individualized and medically-driven approach to the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss.

My expertise stems from over 25 years of clinical practice, where I specialized in the evaluation and treatment of hair conditions. I do not believe in internet gossip, fad treatments and unproven medicine. When confronted with hair loss, many people are quick to think about hair transplants, however, hair transplantation is often not the most effective treatment and often does not address the underlying or root cause of the problem. I am here to help you find the most appropriate, individualized treatment and care that best suits you.

I believe in a sound scientific approach to the evaluation, diagnosis and medical treatment of hair loss. My work with each patient is based on science, scientific discovery and years of clinical experience.

Hair loss is complicated. Non-surgical treatments for hair loss are ongoing and good results take time. I am here to work with my patients to achieve lasting results.